Digital Transformation



Millions of potential customer exists on the Internet. Through ecommerce, it's much more easier to target and reach them, comparing xto physical / offline business. In general, it increases the business reach to the potential customer.


Ecommerce provides important insight for the business. From these data, you can easily understand your existing customer and potential customer. With the integrated online marketing tools, it's possible to retarget them into successful deal.

Superlative Design

Almost 90% of people use phone everyday. With the Mobile-First Design principle, we emphasise on User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) that adapt ecommerce the most.

Features Ready To Run Your Ecommerce Business

Sell Any Products

Sell your products right from your home or anywhere with our readymade eCommerce websites & reach out to your customers.


warm-up visitors to your offer, build trust, and qualify traffic.


Variable Product

Introduce the variable product's features to allow customers to choose their preferred choice of vaiables such as color, size, material and more.

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimized product pages including meta tags, titles and URL handles to help potential customers find your store easily.

Multiple Payment Options

Simple offline & online payment options such as cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, online banking payments and more!

Sales Analytics

The user-friendly dashboard lets you analyze your performance metrics to make data- driven decisions on your marketing.

Order Tracking

A simple order tracking system enables your store buyers to track orders from the warehouse to their doorstep at any time.

Sales & Promotion

Create your marketing strategy by offering coupons, discount, and bundle package to boost business sales.

Email & SMS Automation

The simple emailing task can be automated to reduce your staff workload. For example, order confirmation email, user sign up email and etc.

User-friendly Management Portal

The admin portal is easy to use by your staff and we will handle the technical part for you.

Cart Abandon Recovery

Track user abandoned cart to retarget and remind them via email.

Loyalty Program

Build a long term relationship with customer via various loyalty programs. For example, reward points, membership level and etc.

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